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Wellbeing and Sustainability Task Team (WSTT)

The Wellbeing and Sustainability Task Team (WSTT) deals with issues arising from the need to account for wellbeing and sustainability within the framework of the revision.

Further details on the mandate and operations; guidance notes and working procedures; composition; and key issues to be addressed by the WSTT are provided in the Terms of Reference.

After an initial draft of the guidance note is approved by the AEG, guidance notes will be posted for Global Consultation to receive feedback from worldwide compilers and users of macroeconomic statistics. The outcome of the consultation is further informing the proposals to be presented for formal endorsement to the AEG/ISWGNA. Endorsed guidance notes will be considered for the update of the 2025 SNA.

  Guidance Notes Initial draft Consultation Endorsed
 Well-being and sustainability (WSTT)
WS.1 A Broader SNA framework for Wellbeing and SustainabilityENG
WS.2 Distributions of Household Income, Consumption and WealthENGENG RUS
WS.3 Unpaid Household Service WorkENGENG
WS.4 Labour, Human Capital and EducationENGENG RUS
WS.5 Indicators of Health Care in the System of National AccountsENGENG RUS
WS.6 Accounting for the Economic Ownership and Depletion of Natural ResourcesENGENG
WS.7 Treatment of Emission Trading SchemesENG ENG RUS
WS.8 Accounting for Biological ResourcesENGENG
WS.9 Recording of ProvisionsENGENG
WS.10 Valuation of Mineral and Energy ResourcesENGENG
WS.11 Treatment of Renewable Energy Resources as AssetsENGENG
WS.12 Environmental Classifications
WS.13 Recording of Losses
WS.14 Distinction Between a Tax and Service Transaction and other Borderline CasesENG

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