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List of SNA research issues for the updating of the 2008 SNA

Updated - July 2020.

The list of issues to be considered for updating the 2008 SNA is presented below.

The detailed descriptions of the issues can be found here.

1. Treatment of MNEs (including intra-MNE flows), SPEs, economic presence and residency
2. Valuation of imports and exports (CIF-FOB adjustment)
3. Economic ownership of Intellectual Property Products (IPPs)
4. Merchanting
5. Nationality concept / Extension of IIP on a nationality basis
6. A typology of global production arrangements
7. Factoryless goods producers and recording of their transactions
8. Price and volume measurement related to globalization
9. New data sources needed to measure global production
10. New methods to measure global production
11. Analysing global value chains and trade in value added amplifies the need of high-quality statistics on global production in national and international accounts statistics
12. Framework for a satellite account on the digital economy
13. Recording of data and valuation of free assets and free services
14. Price and volume measurement of goods and services affected by digitalisation
15. Crypto assets
16. Household production and consumption of digital products
Wellbeing and sustainability
17. The broader framework for wellbeing and sustainability
18. Distribution of household income, consumption, saving and wealth
19. Education and human capital, labour and productivity
20. Health and social conditions
21. Unpaid household activities
22. Environmental-economic accounting (including the Valuation and delineation of natural resources; Accounting for depletion; Losses; Accounting for ecosystems;
Cross cutting issues
23. The relationship of SNA and IASB
24. Statistical units
25. Trusts
26. Broadening the fixed asset boundary to include other intellectual property assets
27. Leases to use or exploit natural resources
28. Treatment of Private-Public Partnerships
Other issues
29. Islamic finance
30. Informal Economy
31. Develop the design, content, functionality, administration, and roll-out of the Collaborative Hub
32. Develop an interactive and digitally-enabled statistical standards for economic statistics and classifications
33. Review of terminology and “branding
34. Development of a compilation taxonomy
35. Review of the assessment framework used to measure alignment with statistical standards
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