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The outreach component is implemented thorough a series regional (Web) seminars and they serve various purposes such as information sharing on the progress of the drafting of the guidance notes and the schedule of global consultations, feedback gathering from compilers, and introducing the experimental estimates component of the update.

The seminars have been planned in two different phases, as the research agenda progresses:

  • Inception seminars where a bread view and the status of the update is brought to country members;
  • Thematic seminars where the main regional priority issues are discussed in more detail

The calendar, topics, and links to the outreach seminar activities (updated regularly) are in the table below.

  Region Type Topics Date
 WebinarTowards the 2025 SNA6 February 2024
 ThematicRecommended Changes to the 2008 SNA12 December 2023
 UNECAThematicWell-being (2/2)31 August 2023
 WebinarRecommended Changes to the 2008 SNA25 August 2023
 UNECAThematicWell-being (1/2)27 July 2023
 UNECAThematicCommunication/Testing and early implementation for the update of SNA11 May 2023
 UNECAThematicIslamic Finance6 April 2023
 UNECAThematicGlobalization16 March 2023
 ESCWAThematicIslamic Finance14 March 2023
 UNECAThematicInformal Economy23 February 2023
 UNECAThematicDigitalization9 February 2023
 UNECAThematicWell-being, inclusion and sustainability20 January 2023
 ESCAPThematicSNA Update6-8 September 2022
 UNECAThematicSNA Update6-9 June 2022
 ESCWAThematicIslamic Finance14-16 March 2022
 ESCWAThematicIslamic Finance16 December 2021
 UNECAThematicGlobalization, Digitalization, Wellbeing and Sustainability and Informal Economy17-18 November 2021
 ESCWAThematicInformal Economy15 November 2021
 ECLACThematicWellbeing and Sustainability and Informal Economy2-5 November 2021
 ESCAPInceptionSNA Update26 July 2021
 ESCWAInceptionSNA Update5 July 2021
 ECLACInceptionSNA Update30 June to 1 July 2021
 UNECAInceptionSNA Update17 June 2021
 UNECEGroup of Experts on National AccountsSNA Update; Communication; Digitalization; Well-being and sustainability; Globalization17-26 May 2021

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