Pilot Training of Trainers for the worldwide implementation of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting 2012 - Central Framework

7 - 10 July 2014, New York, NY


List of Documents

  Agenda PDF 63 KB
  List of Participants PDF 16 KB
  Session 2-National Priorities PPT 874 KB
  Session 4-Introduction to the SNA PPT 76 KB
  Session 5-Sharing best practices on SEEA Implementation
  Institutional Perspective on the SEEA from Canada PPT 1,696 KB
  Environmental Economic accounting in the Netherlands: Organisation, output and dissimination PPT 3,458 KB
  Session 6-Physical flow accounts
  Physical flow accounting PPT 1,227 KB
  UNU water exercise DOC 2,918 KB
  UNU water workbook DOC 512 KB
  UNU water solutions DOC 3,190 KB
  Session 7-Environmental activity accounts
  Environmental activity accounts PPT 5,318 KB
  EGSS Exercise-Powerpoint PPT 1,227 KB
  EGSS Exercise-Excel XLS 23 KB
  EGSS Exercise Solution-Powerpoint PPT 1,242 KB
  EGSS Exercise Solution-Excel XLS 28 KB
  Session 8-Asset accounts
  Asset accounting PPT 1,055 KB
  Natural Resource Asset Accounts PPT 146 KB
  Asset Accounts Exercise XLS 27 KB
  Asset Accounts Exercise Solutions XLS 21 KB
  Session 9-Combined physical and monetary presentations
  Combined presentations PPT 1,812 KB
  Core water tables PPT 140 KB
  Exercise on core water tables XLS 33 KB
  Session 10-Other items
  Input-Output Accounting PPT 900 KB
  Input-Output Example XLS 27 KB
  Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (EEA): Introduction PPT 536 KB