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United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), is organizing a three-day Regional Workshop on Time Use Statistics: Methods and Uses in Tunis, Tunisia. The event will take place on 10-12 October 2023.

The objective of the workshop is to develop national capacities on the methodology to collect and regularly produce comparable high-quality time-use data in cost-effective ways by adopting innovative and digitalization data collection methods; to analyze data to inform and answer policy questions; and to better understand progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The workshop will provide the opportunity to share the updates to the UN Guidelines on time-use statistics and to provide hands-on training on the adaptation at the national level of proposed methods to collect, analyse, disseminate, and communicate time-use data, including time spent on unpaid care and domestic work. It is expected that the newly developed tools will lessen the burden on respondents and the high cost associated with paper diaries and improve data quality.

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  • Day 1, 10 October 2023
    • Session I: Time-use statistics
      • Time-use statistics (by UNSD)   English   Arabic
      • Measuring gender equality by means of time-use data (by IATUR)   Video
      • History of time use statistics in the region (by ESCWA)   English   Arabic
    • Session II: Time-use activities classification
      • Classification of time-use activities (by UNSD)   English   Arabic
      • Classification of time-use activities (by ESCWA)   Arabic
      • Country contribution (by Tunisia)   Arabic
    • Session III: International recommendations
      • UN Guidelines for Producing time use statistics (by UNSD)   English   Arabic
      • Country contribution (by Egypt)   Arabic
  • Day 2, 11 October 2023
    • Session IV: Modernization of time-use statistics
      • Modernization of time-use statistics (by UNSD)   English   Arabic
      • Country contribution (by Iraq)   Arabic
      • Innovative and effective ways to collect time-use data (by Canada)   Video
    • Session V: Other considerations on time-use statistics
      • Other considerations (by UNSD)   English   Arabic
      • Recommendations of Sub-Committee on Supervisory care (by UN Women)   Video
      • Children's Time Use (by UNICEF)   Video
    • Session VI: Quality and dissemination of time-use data
      • Quality and dissemination of time-use data (by ESCWA)   Arabic  
      • Time Use Surveys - Quality (by Australia)   Video
      • Quality and dissemination of time-use data (by UNSD)   English   Arabic
      • Country contribution (by Morocco)   English
  • Day 3, 12 October 2023
    • Session VII: Calculating time-use indicators
      • Calculating time-use indicators (by UNSD)   English
    • Session VIII: Valuation of unpaid household work
      • Country contribution (by Morocco)   English
  • Conclusion Session: Reflections on key message

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