Twelfth meeting of the IAEG-SDGs

2 - 4 Nov 2021   Virtual

The twelfth meeting of the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) will be held virtually from 2 to 4 November 2021.

This annual meeting is open to all countries, international and regional agencies and entities, and stakeholders.

The IAEG-SDGs was established by the Statistical Commission at its 46th session to develop an indicator framework for the monitoring of the Goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development at the global level, and to support its implementation.

Resources for participants

Outcome documents

  • Meeting Report (PDF)

  • Presentations

    • Agenda item 2.

    • Updates from the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) and The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021( PDF | video )
    • Agenda item 3.

    • Outcomes of the UN World Data Forum 2021 (PDF)
    • Agenda item 4.

    • Update on the work of the High-Level Group on Partnership, Coordination and Capacity Building for Statistics for the 2030 Agenda (PDF)
    • Agenda item 5.

    • Update of the revamped SDG global indicator database website (PDF)
    • Agenda item 7.

    • Update on the working groups of the IAEG-SDGs:
      • SDMX (PDF)
      • Geospatial information - SDG Geospatial Roadmap (PDF)
      • Measurement of Development Support (PDF)
    • Agenda item 8.

    • Data availability review of the SDG indicators and corresponding updates to the tier classification (PDF)
    • Agenda item 9.

    • Refinements of the global SDG framework: review of proposals (PDF)
    • Agenda item 10.

    • Metadata review - (a) Review of process for proposals for updated metadata, and (b) Work of the IAEG-SDG metadata sub-group (PDF)
    • Agenda item 12.

    • Implementation, monitoring and reporting on SDGs (including national/regional/global SDG reporting)
      • a. Data flows and global SDG reporting (PDF)
      • b. IAEG-SDG best practices on SDG monitoring (PDF)
      • c. Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting of progress on SDGs: Nigeria (PDF)
      • d. The SDGs and the private sector ‐ work on the follow-up (PDF)
      • e. National SDG Tracker in Asia-Pacific region (PDF)
    • Agenda item 13.

    • Data disaggregation
      • a. Update on IAEG-SDG/UNSD data disaggregation work: small area estimation (PDF)
      • b. Inclusive Data Taskforce report: Leaving no one behind ‐ How can we be more inclusive in our data? (PDF)
      • c. Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The Gender Snapshot 2021 (PDF)
      • d. Leaving no one behind, whatever their language (PDF)
    • Agenda item 14.

    • Data innovations and initiatives for SDGs:
      • a. Accelerating implementation of Data For Now initiative (PDF)
      • b. Data Partnerships to Leave No One Behind: working with civil society and human rights data for a more inclusive monitoring and planning (PDF)
      • c. Innovative approaches to monitoring 6.1.1 Safely Managed Drinking Water Services (PDF)
    • Agenda item 15.

    • Capacity building activities for SDGs:
      • a. Capacity building activities articulated by Colombia, Cepei and GPSDD (PDF)
      • b. CCSA/IAEG-SDG initiative on capacity building knowledge base (PDF)
      • c. Collective action for the implementation of the CTGAP and smarter financing for data (PDF)
      • e. UNSD-FCDO resources and tools (PDF)
      • f. Linking the supply and the demand on SDG statistical capacity building activities in LAC (PDF)
    • Agenda item 16.

      • Workplan and next steps (PDF)