SDG and COVID-19 Data Visualization Toolkit: Webinar

With many countries launching their SDG data and metadata platforms and presenting their Voluntary National Reviews, there is a growing need to develop and deliver engaging data visualizations across a range of outputs and media. In response, UNSD developed an SDG and COVID-19 data visualization toolkit containing a set of SDG and COVID-19 related icons, along with templates for a range of outputs, including reports, infographics, social media and flyers. The webinar introduced the toolkit and provided guidance on how to best make use of the icons and templates included in the toolkit. It also shared best practices for designing graphics, introduced some of the other available tools and resources, and provided examples of how to utilize the toolkit for SDG and COVID-19 related reporting and other thematic outputs. Guest speakers working in visual communications and social media presented key considerations for effectively engaging with users through various media. Three of the project countries - Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Kyrgyzstan - also shared their experiences in successfully producing data visualizations.

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