User engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic: Webinar

There is substantial interest in data that can help us better understand the situation and inform decision-making around the COVID-19 pandemic. National Statistical Systems, and particularly National Statistical Offices, have an important role to play in making timely and reliable information about the impact of COVID-19 available to the public. This webinar provides an overview of various issues the statistics community are discussing linked to user engagement, and makes a case for being more actively engaged, including in providing data on COVID-19 related topics. The webinar also provides an overview of potential tools available for engaging with different users at this time, along with a more in-depth presentation on COVID-19 datahubs. The webinar was organized by the UNSD-DFID Project, which supports the SDG monitoring and COVID-19 data response in 20 countries in Africa and Asia. Here you can find the video recording of the webinar and the combined presentations.

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