Industrial Commodity Statistics

Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook

The Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook is a series of annual compilations of statistics on world industry designed to meet both the general demand for information of this kind and the special requirements of the United Nations and related international bodies.

As of January 2019, the latest edition is the Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook 2016, fully available for download from here:

Earlier editions in hardcover or PDF format are available from the UN online shop at

Data Coverage

The Yearbook contains data in physical quantities, as well as in monetary value of production. It is therefore organized in two volumes, namely Volume I: Physical Quantity Data and Volume II: Monetary Value Data.

Data reported for the products in the Yearbook reflect value and volume of production sold during the survey period, which is defined as the production carried out at some time, which has been sold (invoiced) during the reference period.


The data cover products produced by mining, manufacturing and electricity and gas units, i.e. units classified in sections B, C and D of ISIC Revision 4. The products may be outputs of primary or secondary production. The data does not cover output of units classified outside of these ISIC sections.

Further technical details on the Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook are avialable in the technical notes.