Standards and Methods

List of Industrial Products

The List of Industrial Products is comprised of a selected set of products intended for data collection on industrial production. It is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of industrial or manufacturing products. Products have been selected on the basis of their overall importance and their importance as outputs of individual ISIC industries in the world economy. Moreover, a consolidated list on contract processing services for industrial products has been included.

The definitions of the products in the List are, as far as possible, based on the Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 1.1, and the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) 2002.

The coding of this List is based on the CPC Version 1.1. The first five digits of the codes used in the List correspond to the CPC Version 1.1 subclass that includes the commodity in question. A dash ("-") and sixth digit have been added to indicate whether the product corresponds to the complete CPC subclass (in which case this digit is "0") or whether the product represents only a portion of the CPC subclass (in which case this digit is a running number "1", "2" etc.).

The List of Industrial Products, in all six official UN languages, is available for download as a single Excel file: