Industrial Commodity Statistics

Industrial Commodity Production Statistics Database

The UNSD maintains the Industrial Commodity Production Statistics Database, with data coverage starting 1950. Currently, data are collected and presented according to an agreed List of Industrial Products. However, this list was revised in 2003, and data for a different set of commodities are collected for reference years starting 1995. Therefore data are stored in two parts in the database.


The Industrial Commodity Production Statistics Database is available in the following ways:

The entire database on a CD-ROM can be requested by sending an email to;
Data for 1995 and onwards is available online at the UN Data portal;
Data for the latest ten-year period are published in the latest edition of the Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook.


The data contained in this database has primarily been collected from questionnaires sent yearly to national statistical authorities. However, acknowledgement is also due to the following specialized agencies and intergovernmental bodies whose publications have been utilized in updating the statistics: Afristat (Bamako, Mali), Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (Riyadh), Asian Development Bank (Manila), Fiber Economics Bureau (USA), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Rome), International Grains Council (London), World Steel Association (Brussels), International Rubber Study Group (London), International Sugar Organization (London), International Tea Committee (London), Organization of the Islamic Conference (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) and U.S. Geological Survey (Washington, D.C.). Production data for energy commodities have been taken from the energy statistics database of the Statistics Division of the United Nations.