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The metadata available in this repository is a work in progress. It reflects the latest reference metadata information provided by the UN System and other international organizations on data and statistics for the Tier I and II indicators in the global indicator framework. This repository will be further updated and periodically reviewed in cooperation with the respective data compilers.

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Goal 6. Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Target 6.3: By 2030, improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials, halving the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantially increasing recycling and safe reuse globally
  • Indicator 6.3.1: Proportion of domestic and industrial wastewater flows safely treated
        See metadata :
  • Indicator 6.3.2: Proportion of bodies of water with good ambient water quality
    • See Metadata :