March 2021 Open Virtual Meeting of the IAEG-SDGs

25 Mar 2021   

The IAEG-SDGs hosted a virtual meeting, “Leaving no one behind: Data disaggregation for SDGs,” on Thursday, 25 March 2021 at 8:00 am EDT. The meeting was open to all countries, international and regional agencies and entities, and other stakeholders. Please go to the “Documents” tab for the presentations and links to resources and the recording.

Resources for participants

Background documents and weblinks


  • Agenda item 2
    Updates from the 52nd session of the UN Statistical Commission (PDF)
  • Agenda item 3
    IAEG-SDG work programme and activities for 2021-2022 (PDF)
  • Agenda item 4.A
    Disability Data Advocacy Toolkit (PDF)
  • Agenda item 4.B
    Guidelines on data disaggregation for SDG Indicators using survey data (PDF)
  • Agenda item 4.C
    Guide for Differential and Intersectional Approaches to Statistical Production (PDF)
  • Agenda item 4.D
    Data disaggregation: The Whys and (Some) Hows (PDF)
  • Agenda item 5.A
    SDG-9 Industry tracker (PDF)
  • Agenda item 5.B
    Applying the Degree of Urbanisation: A methodological manual to define cities, towns and rural areas for international comparisons (2020 edition) (PDF)
  • Agenda item 5.C
    Update of the Working Group on Measurement for Development Support (PDF)

Links to resources provided during presentations