Data Disaggregation for the SDG Indicators

Improving data disaggregation is fundamental for the full implementation of the SDG indicator framework to fulfil the ambition of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable of leaving no one behind. The United Nations Statistical Commission has stressed its importance repeatedly and requested the IAEG-SDGs to make efforts to develop the necessary statistical standards and tools s and build capacity on disaggregated data to measure progress for those who are vulnerable or in vulnerable situations (decisions 47/101, 48/101, 49/101, 50/101, 51/101). In response to these requests, the IAEG-SDGs have created a dedicated work stream on data disaggregation and set out to define and compile the necessary standards and tools for disaggregating data.

IAEG-SDG series of tools and resources for countries on data disaggregation:

  • "Compilation of tools and resources for data disaggregation" (UNSC52 2021 IAEG-SDGs background document, updated August 2021) (PDF)

  • "Data Disaggregation and SDG Indicators: Policy Priorities and Current and Future Disaggregation Plans" (UNSC50 2019 IAEG-SDGs background document) (PDF)

    • "Compilation on Data Disaggregation Dimensions and Categories for Global SDG Indicators", includes all current and future planned data disaggregation dimensions and categories (UNSC50 2019 IAEG-SDGs background document Annex I) (XLSX)

    • "Summary of Disaggregation Dimensions and Categories Available and Planned in Global SDG Indicator Database" (UNSC50 2019 IAEG-SDGs background document Annex II) (XLSX)

    • "Policy Priorities Inputs compilation" (UNSC50 2019 IAEG-SDGs background document additional information) (ZIP)

  • "Minimum disaggregation set", includes all disaggregation dimensions specifically mentioned in the target or indicator name (IAEG-SDGs 2018). (XLSX)

  • "Overview of Standards for Data Disaggregation” (IAEG-SDGs 2018). (PDF)
  • Additional resources/collaborations:

  • Practical Guidebook on Data Disaggregation for the Sustainable Development Goals, developed by the Asian Development Bank and UNSD with IAEG-SDG inputs (May 2021).

  • "Summary of IAEG-SDGs working meeting on data disaggregation” (IAEG-SDGs 2018). (PDF)