Inter-agency Expert Group on SDG Indicators

IAEG-SDG Reports to the UN Statistical Commission

This page contains the IAEG-SDG Reports to the UN Statistical Commission and related background documents pertaining to the sessions.

 UN Statistical Commission 55th Session (2024) (E/CN.3/2024/4)

Background documents:

 UN Statistical Commission 54th Session (2023) (E/CN.3/2023/2)

Background documents:
       Examples of the implementation of the SDGs Geospatial Roadmap: disaggregating the SDGs by geographic location: English | Español

 UN Statistical Commission 53rd Session (2022) (E/CN.3/2022/2)

Background documents:
       Detailed information about the work of the IAEG-SDGs Working Group on Measurement of Development Support
       Toolkit on Using Small Area Estimation for SDGs
       The SDGs Geospatial Roadmap

 UN Statistical Commission 52nd Session (2021) (E/CN.3/2021/2)

Background documents:
       COVID-19 and the global SDG indicators
       Practical Guidebook on Data Disaggregation for the SDGs
       Compilation of tools and resources for data disaggregation

 UN Statistical Commission 51st Session (2020) (E/CN.3/2020/2)

Background document:
       Second Report of the Interlinkages Workstream

 UN Statistical Commission 50th Session (2019) (E/CN.3/2019/2)

Background documents:
       Best Practices in Data Flows and Global Data Reporting for the Sustainable Development Goals
       Data Disaggregation and SDG Indicators: Policy Priorities and Current and Future Disaggregation Plans
       Interlinkages of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

 UN Statistical Commission 49th Session (2018) (E/CN.3/2018/2)

Background document: Guidelines on Data Flows and Global Data Reporting for Sustainable Development Goals

 UN Statistical Commission 48th Session (2017) (E/CN.3/2017/2)

Background document: Work Plans for Tier III Indicators (as of 03 March 2017)

 UN Statistical Commission 47th Session (2016) (E/CN.3/2016/2/Rev.1)

Background document: Update on the work to finalize the proposals for the global indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals, prepared by the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators