In 2018, the Statistical Commission, in its decision 49/105, created a subgroup on open data under the Friends of the Chair group on the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics (FOC-FPOS) to work on principles, guidance and support for the implementation of open data in countries. The subgroup presented its work at the 50th session of the Commission including a mapping of open data principles to the Fundamental Principles, a synthesis of existing open data work and analysis of other matters relating to the implementation of open data in official statistics.

At its 50th session, the Statistical Commission in its decision 50/105, agreed that an open data working group be established in order to continue the work on open data, including the development of guidance for the assessment and practical application of open data in the context of official statistics and requested the group to present its work at the fifty-first session of the Commission and every two years thereafter.


The Open Data Working Group consists of country representatives, international agencies and organizations and other partners.

Country representatives
International agencies and organizations and other partners