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COVID-19 Household Surveys Webinar

Household Surveys and COVID-19: Webinar

While the pandemic has resulted in considerable data collection challenges, surveys can also play a crucial role in understanding the social, economic and health impacts of COVID-19. As part of the UNSD-DFID project, which is working with 20 countries in Africa and Asia to support their SDG monitoring and COVID-19 data response, the UN Statistics Division hosted a webinar covering topics including the role of surveys during the pandemic, telephone surveys and sampling, and questionnaire design and data collection. It also includes a presentation by Dr. Ola Awad, Director General of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), highlighting how they have been responding to COVID-19, including using surveys to measure the impacts of the pandemic on people's lives. Here you can find the video, a copy of the presentations, and a Q and A based on the questions raised during the webinar.

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