Events and Workshops

Upcoming Event

2nd Regional Training Workshop on Trade SDMX
Strengthening trade data reporting and exchange mechanism

Tunis, Tunisia 18-22 February 2019

Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) is a preferred data transmission standard on statistical data as noted in UN Statistical Commission report on Decision 12 on its thirty-ninth session (2008). And in addition, SDMX is an ISO standard (ISO 17369:2013) designed to describe statistical data and metadata, normalize data exchange and improve their efficient sharing across statistical and similar organizations. The African Union Commission (AUC) and UN Statistics Division (UNSD) organize jointly the first Regional Training Workshop on Trade SDMX to raise awareness on SDMX-IMTS artifacts including data structure, concepts and code lists; and to train IT experts and trade statisticians in using latest SDMX tools to map their trade database in to SDMX-IMTS output.

Recent Event

High Level Seminar on the Digital Economy
A Policy and Statistical Perspective

Beijing, China 15-17 November 2018

The purpose of the high-level seminar is a) to raise awareness about the transformative impacts of digital technologies across our economies, societies and environment, b) to identify policy, research and information gaps as well as ways to improve interdisciplinary actions on the measurement of digital economy, and c) to present concrete proposals to strengthen cooperation for these actions in an inclusive manner.


International Trade Statistics Yearbook

The International Trade Statistics Yearbook: Volume I – Trade by Country and Volume II – Trade by Product provide an overview of the latest trends of trade in goods and services showing country and product profiles of international trade, respectively. Beginning with 2017 edition, part 1 of the yearbook was completely redesigned to consider new additions of graphs, tables and analytical text for global, regional and selected trade or economic groupings (release note).

International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions 2010 (IMTS2010)

International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions 2010 (IMTS2010) is intended to provide recommendations that are globally applicable and operational. The conceptual framework of IMTS 2010 reflects both the multipurpose nature of these statistics and concern for availability of the adequate data sources and data-compilation procedures. IMTS 2010 follows an integrated approach to economic statistics, including the use, as applicable,of common concepts, definitions, classifications and data-compilation strategies.

IMTS2010 Compilers Manual

The IMTS2010 Compilers Manual contains detailed explanation of certain recommendations and provides practical guidance for compilers by describing good or best practices applicable under different circumstances. The Manual promotes the adherence to good practices and recommends specific solutions to compilation issues related to international merchandise trade statistics.

Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010 (MSITS 2010)

The Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010 (MSITS 2010) addresses the needs of a variety of producers and users of such statistics. While it is primarily a guide for statistical compilers, it is also a useful tool for governments and international organizations that use statistical information in connection with international negotiations on trade in services. Furthermore, it can aid enterprises and others that need to monitor developments in international services markets.

Compilers Guide for the Manual on International Trade in Services 2010

The Compilers Guide serves the purpose of harmonizing and improving the ways in which statisticians at the national level collect, compile and disseminate trade in services statistics. The Guide provides the international statistical community with guidelines, best practices, case studies, and practical advice on the compilation of the trade in services statistics.


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