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SNA News and Notes

SNA News and Notes is a biannual information service of the Intersecretariat Working Group on National Accounts (ISWGNA) prepared by the Statistics Division of the United Nations. It was introduced in 1995 to communicate the activities of ISWGNA and member organizations and countries. In particular it should "keep all countries informed of new developments, experiences gained in the course of implementation, seminars and workshops and other matters" (Statistical Commission, Report on the Special Session, 11-15 April 1994, E/1994/29, E/CN.3/1994/18).

SNA News and Notes does not necessarily express the official position of any of the members of ISWGNA. For comments, including requests for free subscriptions please use the following contact information.

All files are in Acrobat PDF format .

All SNA News and Notes issues
Issue 41Feb. 2023EnglishFrançaisРусский 
Issue 39/40April 2018English Русский 
Issue 38Dec. 2015EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 37Nov. 2014EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 36May 2013EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 35Dec. 2012EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 34July 2012EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 32/33March 2012EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 30/31Feb. 2011EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 29Dec. 2009EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 28May 2009EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 27Dec. 2008English РусскийEspañol
Issue 25/26May 2008English РусскийEspañol
Issue 24July 2007English РусскийEspañol
Issue 23Dec. 2006EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 22Oct. 2006EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 21Oct. 2005EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 20Apr. 2005EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 19Oct. 2004EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 18Apr. 2004EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Supplement to issue 18Apr. 2004EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 17Oct. 2003EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 16Apr. 2003EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 15Oct. 2002EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 14Apr. 2002EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 13Oct. 2001EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 12Dec.2000EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 11May 2000EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 10Nov. 1999EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 9May 1999EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 8Nov. 1998EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 7Jan. 1998EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 6July 1997EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 5Jan. 1997EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 4July 1996EnglishFrançaisРусскийEspañol
Issue 3Jan. 1996English РусскийEspañol
Issue 2July 1995English Русский 
Issue 1Feb. 1995English Русский 

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