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31 May 2005

Handbook on Poverty Statistics:
Concepts, Methods and Policy Use

Activities and Meetings

The provisional outline of the Handbook was presented at the meeting of the Expert Group on Poverty Statistics held in Rio De Janeiro in November 2003.

A panel meeting on Global Poverty Measures and International Poverty Comparison was held in New York in February 2004. Minutes of the panel meeting

Regional workshops involving regional and national stakeholders and other international agencies - two in Africa (ECOWAS and CEMAC), one in Latin America and the Caribbean, one in Asia and the Pacific, and one in Western Asia - provided insights into country practices and facilitated the exchange of views on papers drafted so far.

The Global Survey on Poverty Measurement collects metadata and data on poverty measurements world wide from national statistical institutions. The poverty questionnaire designed for this survey can be downloaded here:

[English PQ] [Spanish PQ] [French PQ] [Russian PQ]

An Expert Group Meeting took place in New York (June 28-30, 2005), which brought together the authors and reviewers of the Handbook in order to conduct a comprehensive review of the first draft of the publication. Each chapter was presented individually, reviewed by designated reviewers, and discussed by all participants of the meeting.

Documents on poverty statistics presented to the Statistical Commission

35th session, 2-5 March 2004:

Report of the Secretary-General on poverty statistics E/CN.3/2004/8

Report of the Rio Group on poverty statistics E/CN.3/2004/9

Summary note on the action taken by the Statistical Commission

36th session, 1-4 March 2005:

Report of the Secretary-General on poverty statistics E/CN.3/2005/13