Project Overview
UN Steering Committee on Poverty Statistics
  Activities and Meetings
  Outline of the Handbook as of October 2003
  Outline of the Handbook as of July 2004
Instructions on the Format of Manuscripts
  Chapter 1. Preface and introduction
Chapter 2. Overview of concepts and fundamentals of poverty measurements
  Chapter 3. Practices of poverty measurements
  Chapter 4. Statistical tools and estimation methods for poverty measures based on household surveys
  Chapter 5. Statistical issues in measuring poverty from non-survey sources
  Chapter 6. Poverty analysis for national policy use: poverty profiles, mapping and dynamics
  Chapter 7. Conclusions and recommendations

1 February 2004

Handbook on Poverty Statistics:
Concepts, Methods and Policy Use

Chapter 1. Preface and introduction

To set the scope of the publication, what it includes and what it does not include;To explain what types of poverty statistics are needed for what purpose (i.e. why/when different poverty measures are important and relevant for specific policy purposes);To make clear the distinction between national and global poverty estimates and to address the role of inter-country comparisons and regional and global totals in description, causal inference and policy-making at both the national and the global level; To specify the target users of the publication (e.g. statisticians and data producers, policy makers at national and international levels);