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21 July 2004

Handbook on Poverty Statistics:
Concepts, Methods and Policy Use

UN Steering Committee on Poverty Statistics

A Steering committee of 15 eminent experts has been established to guide the process of the preparation of the publication. One of the main concerns of the publication is on issues that are relevant for and applicable to developing countries. At the same time, the publication should has a strong methodological component that will serve as a foundation for empirical work to be conducted at the country level. The composition of the steering committee have therefore tried to reflect this dual concern comprising academics as well as experts from national statistical institutions as a dedicated attempt was made to reflect the dual purpose of the publication. UNSD, in collaboration with the Steering Committee, will continue its effort to engage other relevant international and regional institution in the process of developing this Handbook.

The task of the steering committee is to advise UNSD on all issues pertaining to the project implementation including structure, content and annotated outline of the publication. In addition, the steering committee will make recommendations for authors and reviewers of the various chapters of the publication. The interactions of the steering committee will be done electronically, with possibly one to three meetings to be held during the lifetime of the project (2004-2005).