International Seminar on
Information and Communication Technology Statistics

Seoul, Republic of Korea
19-21 July 2010


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Final report

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Session 1. Opening of the seminar and welcoming remarks

Insill Yi, Commissioner, Statistics Korea (KOSTAT)

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Paul Cheung, Director, United Nations Statistics Division

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Susan Teltscher, Head, Market Information and Statistics Division, ITU

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Torbjörn Fredriksson, OIC, ICT Analysis Section, UNCTAD

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Session 2. ICT Statistics and Policy Making

Key note presentation on “The role of ICT statistics in policy making”
Hyunho Ahn, Vice Minister, Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, the Republic of Korea

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Report of the EU Ministerial Meeting on Information Society policies and metrics
Daniel Torres, Director, National Observatory for the Information Society, Spain

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Monitoring the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) targets
Susan Teltscher, Head, Market Information and Statistics Division, ITU

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Session 3. Measuring the Information Society and Future Strategies: Korean case

Overview of Korean ICT statistics and development strategies
Hwan Jung Yang, Korea Communications Commission

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Korean-specific ICT statistics and its implication
ICT Usage by Enterprises in Korea
Hyunmin Joung, National Information Society Agency

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Internet usage and security statistics in Korea
Keon Ho Lee, Korea Internet & Security Agency

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Statistics on IT use and electronic commerce
Hak Hun Kim, National IT Industry Promotion Agency

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Introduction to Korea’s e-government
Han Sung Jun, Ministry of Public Administration and Security

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Korean indicators of digital divide, its implications & future strategies
Heung Suk Choi, Korea University

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Session 4. Measuring the Information Society

ICT infrastructure and households statistics
Esperanza Magpantay, ITU

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New developments in mobile and broadband communication technology and implications for their statistical measurement
Christian Madsen, National IT and Telecommunication Agency, Denmark

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Measurement issues related to household ICT surveys
Sheridan Roberts, Consultant

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Measuring household ICT access and individual use
Anirood Bundhoo, Central Statistics Office, Mauritius

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Measuring household ICT access and individual use
Sureerat Santipaporn, National Statistics Office, Thailand

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Microdata analysis using ICT household survey data
Albrecht Wirthmann, Eurostat

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Session 5. Measuring the Information Economy

Dynamics of the ICT sector in Malaysia
Ramachandran Ramasamy, Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry, Malaysia

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Measuring the Indian ICT Sector — An Initiative of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Payal Malik, University of Delhi, India

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Measuring ICT trade: statistical challenges and recent trends
Vincenzo Spiezia, OECD

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Measuring ICT use by businesses in Brazil: a project of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)
Roberto Neves Sant’Anna, IBGE, Brazil

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Comments on the UNCTAD Manual for the Production of Statistics on the Information Economy
Mohamed Amine Jallouli, Institut National de la Statistique, Tunisia

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Measurement issues related to business ICT
Sheridan Roberts, Consultant

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Session 6. The Future of ICT Measurement

ICT in education statistics — A review of the 2009 pilot data collection
Patrick Lucas, UIS

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Towards new indicators in e-government
Makane Faye, ECA

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Measuring e-government: the case of Oman
Nasser Masaaod Al-Khayari, Information Technology Authority, Oman

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Emerging areas of ICT measurement: Green ICTs and online security and trust
Albrecht Wirthmann, Eurostat

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Future work in WPIIS
Vincenzo Spiezia, OECD

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Session 7. Enhancing ICT Data Availability

Progress and challenges in measuring ICT in Latin America and the Caribbean
Mariana Balboni, ECLAC

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Measuring ICT: the Research ICT Africa experience
Alison Gillwald, Research ICT Africa

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Measuring ICT: the LirneAsia experience
Rohan Samarajiva, LirneAsia

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Proposition of an index for policy making: ANATEL's experience in quality of telecommunications services
Carlos M. Baigorri, Brazil

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Measuring the evolving ICT sector and it impact on business community in Cameroon
Nde Divine Neba, Cameroon

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Development of Information and Communication Technology Statistics in Hong Kong, China
Keith K. C. PANG, China, Hong Kong SAR

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International Seminar on Information and Communication Technology Statistics - Statement of Macao, China
WONG Weng Sang, China, Macao SAR

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Experiences in the Development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Statistics in Ecuador
Byron Antonio Villacis Cruz, Ecuador

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Progress in the field of information and communication technology statistics in Egypt
Wael Amal Ahmed Ezzat, Egypt

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ICT sector statistics in India - current status
Lakshmi Godavarkar, India

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Measuring household ICT access and individual use: Jamaica's experience
Howard Gregory Hamilton, Jamaica

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Statistics on the Information Society
Zhanar Saifutdinova, Kazakhstan

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Conducting a National ICT Survey Towards Measuring the Information Economy: The Kenyan Experience
Cleophas Kiio and Rogers Mumo, Kenya

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Indicators and statistics of Information and Communications Technology
Hector Nambo, Mexico

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ICT Statistics in New Zealand
Gary Dunnet, New Zealand

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Statistical Coordination Mechanisms Towards Measuring the Information Economy: The Philippine Experience
Candido J. Astrologo, Jr., Philippines

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Collection of ICT statistics in Singapore
Lee Ling KHOO, Singapore

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Information and Communication Technology Statistics in Thailand
Sureerat Santipaporn, Thailand

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Report on Information and Communication Technology Statistic in Viet nam
Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai, Vietnam

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Paper on measuring ICT access and use in households and businesses in Zimbabwe
Dominic Tafirenyika, Zimbabwe

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The first ICT Survey in Iran - Survey on Internet Users 2009
Hamidreza Pouyanfar, Iran

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ICT use, broadband and productivity
Hans-Olof Hagén, Jennie Glantz, Malin Nilsson, Sweden

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Information note for participants

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