Second International Workshop on Economic Census

6-9 July 2009, Seoul, Korea

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  ESA/STAT/AC.180/1 Provisional agenda
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  ESA/STAT/AC.180/2 List of participants
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  ESA/STAT/AC.180/3 Opening Address - Ms. Yi, Insill Commissioner of the KNSO
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  ESA/STAT/AC.180/4 Opening Statement - Prof. Paul Cheung, Director of the UNSD
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  ESA/STAT/AC.180/5 Final report
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  BK.1 Final report of the First International Workshop on Economic Census, 26-29 July 2005, Beijing, China
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  BK.2 The results of the UNSD programme on Economic Census - background note presented to the Statistical Commission at its thirty-eighth session in February 2007
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Session I. Keynote addresses

Economic Census and its role in measuring constantly changing economies – C. Harvey Monk, Jr., Associate Director for Economic Programs, US Census Bureau

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The scheduled 2011 Economic Census in Korea - Mr. Lee Tae-Sung, Director General, Economic Statistics Bureau, KNSO

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Session II. Why Economic Census?

UNSD work programme on Economic Census

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Why Economic census is important for the System of National Accounts in Korea - Mr. Kang Chang Ku, Economist

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  PR.II.3 Why do an Economic Census - The case of Uganda – Mr. Peter Opio, Principal Statistician, Uganda Bureau of Statistics
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  PR.II.4 Why Economic Census? – The case of Indonesia – Ms. Tri Supriyati, Division Chief of large and Medium Industrial Statistics, Statistics Indonesia
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  PR.II.5 Reasons necessitating conduct of an economic census of small and medium enterprises in Russia – Ms. Elena Shustova, Director of Business Statistics Department, ROSSTAT
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Session III. Planning and Organization of Economic Censuses
  PR.III.1 Planning and Organizing the US Economic Census – Mr. Harvey Monk, Jr., Associate Director for Economic Programs, US Census Bureau
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  PR.III.2 Planning and Organization of Economic Censuses in Mongolia – Ms. Delgersaikhan Oyunbileg, Senior Statistician, NSO of Mongolia
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  PR.III.3 Plan of the 2009 Economic Census in Japan – Mr. Seiji Takata, Senior Planning Officer, Statistical Information System Division, Statistics Bureau of Japan
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  PR.III.4 Planning and Organization of Economic Censuses in India – Mr. Nilkanth Ghosh, Director, CSO, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, India
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  PR.III.5 Planning and Organization of Economic Censuses in Ethiopia – Mr. Yasin Mossa, Economic Statistics Deputy Director General, Central Statistics Agency, Ethiopia
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  PR.III.6 Scope and method of pilot/rehearsal survey–Mr. Kuan Kuan Yang, Director General, Census Center of National Bureau of Statistics of China
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Session IV. Data collection and data processing
  PR.IV.1 Economic census: The First experience of Morocco – Mr. Jilali Rahali, Chief Engineer, Head of Division of Economic Statistics, National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economy, Morocco
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  PR.IV.2 Transition from Economic Census to Business Register in Turkey – Mr. Bunyamin Emirosman, Head of Department, Turkish Statistical Institute
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  PR.IV.3 Data collection and data processing of Economic Census results in Nepal – Mr. Shanker Lal Shrestha, Director, Trade Statistics Section, Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal
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  PR.IV.4 Economic Census in Mexico: Collecting and Processing the Information - Ms. Susana Perez Cadena, Deputy General Manager of Economic and Agricultural Censuses, INEGI
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Session V. Post-census activities
  PR.V.1 Jordan ’s Economic Census 2006: Methodology and Main Results – Mr. Abdel Wadoud Rebhi Matouk, Director of Economic Statistics, Department of Statistics, Jordan
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  PR.V.2 Programme of Annual Economic Surveys in Hong Kong – Ms. Lilian, Yuk Chi Fung, Senior Statistician, Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong, SAR of China
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  PR.V.3 Post-census activities in Malaysia – Ms. Norazizah Ibrahim Wong, Assistant Director, Department of Statistics, Malaysia
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Session VI. Dissemination of Economic Census results
  PR.VI.1 Dissemination Strategy for Making Economic Census widely available in Korea - Dr. Han Sung Ho, Director, Economic Statistics Division, SRI
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  PR.VI.2 USA experience in dissemination of economic census results - Mr. Ronald Lee, Senior Economic Advisor, US Census Bureau
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  PR.VI.3 Philippines experience in dissemination of economic census results – Ms. Carmelita Ericta, Head of the National Statistics Office of Philippines
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  PR.VI.4 Thailand experience in dissemination of economic census results – Ms. Wilailuck Chulewatanakul, Director of Economic and Social Statistics Bureau, NSO of Thailand
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  PR.VI.5 Qatar experience in dissemination of economic census results – Mr. Abdulhameed Ahen, Statistical Expert, Qatar Statistics Authority
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Oman Experience in Establishment Census

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  CP.1 China
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  CP.2 Ethiopia
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  CP.3 Hong Kong
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  CP.4 India
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  CP.5 Indonesia
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  CP.6 Japan
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  CP.7 Jordan
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  CP.8 Malaysia
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  CP.9 Mexico
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  CP.10 Mongolia
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  CP.11 Morocco
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  CP.12 Nepal
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  CP.13 Philippines
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  CP.14 Russia
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  CP.15 Thailand
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  CP.16 Turkey
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  CP.17 Uganda
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  CP.18 USA
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  Q.1 China
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  Q.2 Ethiopia
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  Q.3 Hong Kong
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  Q.4 India
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  Q.5 Indonesia
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  Q.6 Japan
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  Q.7 Jordan
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  Q.8 Malaysia, Appendix 1
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  Q.9 Mexico
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  Q.10 Mongolia
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  Q.11 Morocco
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  Q.12 Nepal
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  Q.13 Philippines
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  Q.14 Qatar
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  Q.15 Russia
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  Q.16 Thailand
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  Q.17 Turkey
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  Q.18 Uganda
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  Q.19 USA
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  LK.1 The First International Workshop on Economic Census, 26-29 July 2005, Beijing, China
  LK.2 UNSD Work Programme on Economic Census


Information note for participants
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