Population and Housing Censuses

7-10 August 2001, New York
UNITED NATIONS Statistics Division - Department of Economic and Social Affairs


List of documents

Symposium 2001/01 Report on the Symposium on Global Review of 2000 Round of Population and Housing Censuses: Mid-decade Assessment and Future Prospects
Symposium 2001/02 Strategies for Involving Stakeholders in Census Activities The Canadian Experience
Symposium 2001/03 Complementary Sources of Demographic and Social Statistics
Symposium 2001/04 Population and Housing Censuses: A Funding Crisis?
Symposium 2001/05F Organisation et financement des recensements de la population en Afrique subsaharienne: problems et perspectives
Symposium 2001/05E Organization and financing of population censuses in sub-Saharan Africa: problems and prospects(ENGLISH version)
Symposium 2001/06 Adapting new technologies to census operations
Symposium 2001/07 Maintaining census related activities during the intercensal years
Symposium 2001/08 Mapping for the 2000 round of Censuses: issues and possible solutions
Symposium 2001/09 Introductory Note on Census Enumeration
Symposium 2001/10 Post Enumeration Surveys (PES): are they worth it?
Symposium 2001/11 Evaluation of population census data through Demographic Analysis
Symposium 2001/12 Traditional censuses versus alternatives: Ireland
Symposium 2001/13 The 2005 Population and Housing Census in Sweden will be totally register-based
Symposium 2001/14 Censuses in Latin America: New Approaches
Symposium 2001/15 The 2000 Census in Zambia
Symposium 2001/16 The Philippines Census 2000
Symposium 2001/17S Respuesta de la Direccion General de Estadistica, Encuestas y Censos de Paraguay
Symposium 2001/17E Statement from Paraguay(ENGLISH version)
Symposium 2001/18 Implementing the census recommendations on economic characteristics: an ILO perspective on issues, experiences and possibilities
Symposium 2001/19 Maintaining census related activities during the intercensal period: selected national experiences
Symposium 2001/20 Archiving Census Metadata and Microdata: How to Preserve Memory, Increase Stakeholders, and Enhance the Census as a Public Good
Symposium 2001/21 Statement from Kyrgyzstan
Symposium 2001/22 Statement from Belize
Symposium 2001/23 Statement from Suriname
Symposium 2001/24 Statement from Netherlands Antilles
Symposium 2001/25 Maintaining knowledge of the New Zealand Census
Symposium 2001/26 Statement from Israel
Symposium 2001/27 The role of Information Technology (IT) in disseminating statistics. Focusing user needs and expectations
Symposium 2001/28 Report on the Workshop on Population Data Analysis, Storage and Dissemination Technologies
Symposium 2001/29 Census Managers' meeting: 19-23 March 2001, Pretoria, South Africa
Symposium 2001/30 Statement from China
Symposium 2001/31F Recensement Général de la Population et de l’Habitat 2000 en Mauritanie : particularité du milieu nomade
Symposium 2001/31E 2000 General Population and Housing Census in Mauritania: specific characteristics of the nomadic environment
Symposium 2001/32 Population and housing censuses in Italy
Symposium 2001/33F Contribution française pour le séminaire ONU sur les recensements
Symposium 2001/33E Statement from France
Symposium 2001/34 Statement from Islamic Republic of Iran
Symposium 2001/35 Statement from Japan
Symposium 2001/36 2001 Census on Population: Complementary study of population with "disabilities", "indigenous people" and communities of "international migrants"
Symposium 2001/37 Using a combination of administrative registers and sample surveys instead of a census: some general remarks and the situation in the Netherlands.
Symposium 2001/38 Pacific Experiences and views on the themes of the Symposium
Symposium 2001/39 Census Mapping In Ethiopia
Symposium 2001/40 Statement from Guyana
Symposium 2001/41R Statement from Russian Federation
Symposium 2001/41E Statement from Russian Federation (ENGLISH version)
Symposium 2001/42 Statement from Czech Republic
Symposium 2001/43 The 2000 Population and Housing Census in Estonia
Symposium 2001/44 Statement from Malaysia
Symposium 2001/45 Adapting new technologies to census operations
Symposium 2001/46 Population and Housing Census in Lithuania
Symposium 2001/47 Statement from United Kingdom
Symposium 2001/48 Statement from United States of America
Symposium 2001/49 Perspectives on Censuses of the new millennium
Symposium 2001/50 Statement from Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China.
Symposium 2001/51 Counting forcibly displaced populations: Census and Registration Issues
Symposium 2001/52 Resume of Bangladesh Census of Population and Housing 2001
Symposium 2001/53 Statement from the United Nations Population Division
Symposium 2001/54 The Case of South Africa
Symposium 2001/55 Census taking in small countries with small populations: Limitations and Potentials
Symposium 2001/56 Population and Housing Censuses in the ESCWA Region: Current Status and Future Directives
Symposium 2001/57 Implementation of the 2000 Round of Population and Housing Censuses in Asia and the Pacific