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United Nations Expert Group on Tourism Statistics (EGTS)

International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics
Compilation Guide

(IRTS 2008 CG)

Draft IRTS 2008 Compilation Guide Now Available

When it adopted the International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics 2008 (IRTS 2008) at its thirty-ninth session, in 2008, the Statistical Commission requested the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) to develop an implementation programme, including the preparation of a compilation guide and the organization of training workshops, in collaboration with supranational and regional organizations.

The IRTS 2008 Compilation Guide was prepared by international experts and national compilers of tourism statistics. The consultation and drafting process was supported by UNWTO. A worldwide consultation on the full draft guide was held in March and April 2011 (see below for more information). The draft guide and the comments received as a result of the worldwide consultation were discussed during an expert group meeting in May 2011 held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the objective of reviewing the content of the guide. The UNWTO Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account supervised the further development of the guide. Comments and revisions were incorporated into a final editorial review in December 2013, with the Committee endorsing the final version of the guide during its 14th meeting, in January 2014. The draft Guide was submitted to the United Nations Statistical Commission at its forty-fifth session in 2014, which endorsed its use by Member States.

The IRTS 2008 Compilation Guide is fully aligned with IRTS 2008 and is intended to serve as the basic supporting document for the worldwide implementation of IRTS 2008, and is designed to support the production of a set of basic data and indicators in each country, irrespective of its level of development, thereby contributing to the international comparability of tourism statistics. The Compilers Guide follows the structure of the IRTS 2008 and covers the following items: general frameworks, data collection, data compilation and cross cutting issues. It contains practical advice and many country examples to support the implementation process and could also serve as background material to be used at regional capacity building activities. Taking into account the close links between tourism statistics and statistics of international trade in services, UNWTO and UNSD ensured that the text of the IRTS 2008 compilation guide was also kept in line with the compilers' guide for the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services, in instances where it concerns the travel component of the resident/non-resident trade in services.

Worldwide consultation, March-April 2011

The draft version of the IRTS 2008 Compilation Guide (IRTS 2008 CG) was completed and made available for worldwide consultation in March 2011. The objective of the consultation was to gather comments and feedback that would be used to further develop the compilation guide and support countries in their implementation of IRTS 2008.

IRTS 2008 Draft compilation guide:

  • Draft CG (Chapter 1 to 6): Word - PDF

  • Annexes:

Questionnaire proposed by UNWTO to measure flows and expenditure associated to inbound tourism

2 to 4
List of consumption products (Annex 2.), tourism characteristic activities and grouping by ISIC Rev. 4 (Annex 3.), and by CPC Ver. 2 (Annex 4.) Word - PDF

Tourism expenditure vs tourism consumption

Word - PDF
Statistical vocabulary Word - PDF

Coherence and consistency in tourism statistics: an overview

Word - PDF