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Data Collection

Regular data request

Please find below the data request of the United Nation Statistics Division/ Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNSD/DESA) for 2019 Annual and 2020 Monthly Merchandise Trade Statistics and Trade by Enterprise Characteristics (TEC) data.

French   -   English   -   Russian   -   Spanish

It is requested to provide the data, including provisional data as soon as it becomes available and then any revisions and the final data when they are ready. The initial data request is sent in February and followed-up with reminders at appropriate times.

Request for monthly data

Since May 2010 the United Nations Statistics Division/Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNSD/DESA) started the initiative to establish a data collection for detailed monthly merchandise trade data in order to address the need to make these data available in a standardized format at the global level. Please find below the initial data request of May 2010.

UNSD request for monthly data