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Data collection


(updated 15 July 2021)

UNSD collects trade in services data that is in accordance with the Extended Balance of Payments Services Classifications (EBOPS) as described in the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services (MSITS 2002) and "Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services (MSITS 2010), but expecting data by partner breakdown.

Extended Balance of Payments Services classification (EBOPS 2002)

Extended Balance of Payments Services classification (EBOPS 2010)


Partner country breakdown

Standard codes for partner countries: UN Standard Country and Area Codes Classifications (M49)


Request for the 2020 data on external trade in services

A request for data on external trade in services was sent to countries in July 2021. The data collection is a part of an annual data collection on statistics of international trade in services.

The deadline for sumitting data is: 31 August 2021


Preferred data format: database file

Countries are asked to send their data electronically as a data file, for example a delimited text file or an Excel file, exported from their trade in services database. The required data fields are:

service category; trade flow; partner; trade value; reference year

  Sample file1   Sample file2    

There is no need to further customize your files if the data fields indicated above are clearly identifiable according to the EBOPS classification.


Excel questionnaire and alternative data format

Countries are further asked to complete a short questionnaire providing some metadata. Those who do not maintain a statistical database on trade in services may also use the data sheets of this Excel worksheet to report their data:

Download the Excel questionnaire for 2018 data:

EBOPS 2002
EBOPS 2010


Please do not submit customized tables or pdf publications. For details on requested data fields, metadata and UNSD data processing, see detailed data description.


About UNSD Data collection on international trade in services

UNSD is persistent to produce statistics on the international level that is based on primary country data. Countries are therefore requested to submit their most accurate data on trade in services every year so the trade in services database, UN Comtrade Database, reflects the most accurate country data.

However UNSD also tries to reduce reporting burden so if official trade in service data is collected by other international organizations UNSD attempts to obtain the data through that organization. We also make efforts to ensure that the data in UN ServiceTrade is in line with the data in other international organization's databases. As a first step a memorandom of understanding with Eurostat was signed in 2006 and data from Eurostat member countries is drawn directly from Eurostat's database.

The very first request for data on trade in services was sent to all countries of the world in 2006. The results of the previous rounds of data collection are presented in the UN Comtrade Database.