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Regional Workshop for the South-East Asian countries

Statistics of International Trade in Services:
Challenges and Good Practices

Hanoi, Vietnam , 30 November - 3 December 2010

List of documents



Overview of the new recommendations in Statistics of International Trade in
Services (UNSD)


Overview of SITS data availability and institutional arrangements in South East Asia (UNSD)

Part 1: Resident - Non-resident trade in services


The sixth edition of the Balance of Payment Manual (UNSD)

Balance of Payments compilation: country examples

- Malaysia Balance of Payment (Malaysia)


The Extended Balance of Payment Services (EBOPS) classification (UNSD)

- Definition of services in SNA 2008 (UNSD)

- Vietnamese Classification of International Trade in Service (Vietnam)

- ASEAN requirements for SITS (Vietnam)


Data collection of resident / non-resident trade in services statistics


- Enterprise surveys (UNSD)


- International Transactions Reporting System (ITRS) --introduction (UNSD)


- Malaysia SITS compilation practice (Malaysia)


- International Trade in Services Census --2009 (Vietnam)


Parallel group discussion : cooperation of the NSO and the central bank on data collection

Part 2: Commercial presence

Foreign Affiliates Statistics (FATS): concepts, legal framework, EU data (EUROSTAT)
EBOPS, FATS and FDI broken down by partner country

- Foreign direct investment (FDI) statistics (EUROSTAT)

- Country Paper (Cambodia)

- Development of Foreign Affiliates Statistics - Mode 3 (Malaysia)

Measuring Trade in Services by GATS Modes of supply (WTO)
Data quality and metadata (UNSD)
Group discussion

- A: Compiling data using EBOPS data quality assessment

- B: Data compilation, quality assessment - FATS

Part 3: Consumption abroad – Travel and Tourism statistics

Travel and Tourism Statistics

- Recommendations of the Workshop on “Developing National System of Tourism statistics: Challenges and Good Practices”(Vientiane, Lao DPR, 16-19 June 2009) ( UNSD)

- Overview of the International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics 2008 (IRTS 2008) (UNSD)

- Tourism statistics and SITS (Lao)

- International Trade in Service Statistics of Vietnam (Vietnam)

Part 4: Data dissemination


Data dissemination (UNSD)