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26 August 2004


The methodological work include: drafting recommendations of the UN Statistical Commission; advising countries on implementation of the Commission’s recommendations; preparation of various technical reports on national practices in data compilation; cooperation with other international organizations in development and harmonization of methodological guidelines.

The recent methodological publications in international trade statistics include:
    1. International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Compilers Manual
    2. International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions, Revision 2;
    3. Statistical Territories of the World for Use in International Merchandise Trade Statistics;
    4. Correlation tables between the Harmonized System (1996 and 2002 editions) and Classification by Broad Economic Categories;
    5. Correlation tables between Standard International Trade Classification, Revision 3 and Classification by Broad Economic Categories;
    6. Correlation tables between the Harmonized System (2002 edition) and the Standard International Trade Classification Revision 3

Information regarding national compilation and reporting practices is collected and made available in the following database National Compilation and Reporting Practices in International Merchandise Trade Statistics.

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