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Regional Workshop on Use of Administrative Data
in Economic Statistics

Moscow, Russian Federation, 30 October – 1 November 2006

      United Nations Statistics Division, Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation jointly organize a regional workshop for Commonwealth of Independent States countries on use of administrative data in economic statistics. The workshop participants include country representatives from national statistical offices and governmental agencies maintaining administrative records of statistical significance, as well as experts from several countries with good experience in this area and UNSD resource persons. The focus of the workshop is on a number of practical issues such as use of administrative records for updating statistical business registers and compilation of basic economic statistics, creating effective inter-agency cooperation and ensuring necessary legal preconditions for national statistical offices access to such records.



List of Participants

Report of the Workshop

Country Notes and Presentations

Use of administrative data in economic statistics: An overview

UNSD programme of work and the tasks of the workshop - introductory statement (UNSD)

Overview of the current practice of the CIS countries in using administrative
data sources in economic statistics
(CIS Statistical Committee)


The use of administrative data for economic statistics (United Kingdom)

The use of administrative data in economic statistics (Moldova)

The use of administrative data sources for production of official statistical


The use of administrative data in economic statistics (Georgia)

Legal framework for the statistical use of administrative data and country practices in cooperation between statistical and administrative authorities

Establishment and maintenance of a business register on the basis of administrative sources: Experiences and challenges

Current practice of compiling and using statistical business registers in the CIS countries: evidence from the UNECE Questionnaire Surveys (1996-2006) (UNECE)
   - Tables

Use of administrative data sources for the purpose of business register and enterprise statistics (Belarus)

Use of administrative data for updating the statistical register (Kyrgyzstan)

Statistical business register as a central sampling and weighting frame for statistical surveys and as a source for statistics in its own right

The use of tax data in the Unified Enterprise Survey (Canada)

Statistical business register and the sample surveys organization
(Russian Federation)



About the establishment of administrative registers and the use of their

Use of administrative information available in government and private authorities for production of official statistics by economic sectors

Bulgarian experience on the use of administrative data sources for production
of official statistics by economic sectors
(Bulgaria / UNSD)

Use of official statistical information for analysis and forecasting of VAT
     Report 1
     Report 2



Statistical data of Tax Authorities in Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)



Background Documents

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