VNR Lab 4: How data is guiding sustainable recovery from COVID-19 for achieving the SDGs

8 Jul 2021, 8:00 - 9:00am (EDT)   Virtual

The VNR lab will provide a platform for countries to share their experiences-both successes and challenges-in planning and preparing an evidence-based and data-driven VNR in the time of COVID-19. Data and statistics are guiding countries' effort in combating the virus, saving lives and recovering better. Over the last year, countries have faced unprecedented disruptions in statistical operations and a spike in demand for data to monitor and mitigate the effects of the global pandemic.

This lab will provide an opportunity for countries to share their experiences on how to adapt quickly to the challenges and provide the needed data in COVID-19 response. It will also discuss new partnerships, data innovations and new measures introduced which have profoundly changed the statistical production process in many countries. The VNR lab will identify challenges, opportunities and possible recommendations that countries can use going forward in order to keep data at the center of building back and recovering better.

Resources for participants

  • Concept note and agenda (as of 25 June 2021) (PDF)