June 2021 Open Virtual Meeting of the IAEG-SDGs

23 Jun 2021   

The IAEG-SDGs hosted a virtual meeting, “Best practices in SDG monitoring and spotlight on the 2021 High-level Political Forum (HLPF) and Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs),” on Wednesday, 23 June 2021 at 8:00 am EDT. The meeting was open to all countries, international and regional agencies and entities, and other stakeholders. Please go to the “Documents” tab for the presentations and links to resources and the recording.

Resources for participants


    Agenda item 2: Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs): data considerations from IAEG-SDG member countries developing VNRs for the 2021 HLPF

  • a. Malaysia, Ms. Nazaria Baharudin, Deputy Chief Statistician, Department of Statistics (PDF)
  • b. Sweden, Ms. Sara Frankl, Senior Advisor and Coordinator 2030 Agenda, Statistics Sweden (PDF)
  • c. Egypt, Dr. Reham Rizk, Head of the Modeling Unit, Ministry of Planning and Dr. Mona Esam, Head of the SDGs Unit, Ministry of Planning (PDF)
  • d. Colombia, Ms. Adriana Cozma, SDG Coordination, Technical Secretary of the SDG Commission (PDF)

    Agenda item 3: Best practices in SDG monitoring: national, regional and stakeholder experiences and initiatives

  • a. Grenada’s experience in collecting and compiling SDG indicators, Ms. Kenita Paul, Central Statistical Office of Grenada (PDF)
  • b. Guide to measuring and reporting on the global indicators in the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework, Verónica Siman, Representative, UN Population Fund, UNFPA Colombia and Alan Bojanic, Representative, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO Colombia (PDF)
  • c. Method for national follow up on food losses – food loss indicator, Mrs. Karin Lindow, Swedish Board of Agriculture (PDF)
  • d. Update on the IAEG-SDG Working Group on Measurement of Development Support, Ms. Ann Lisbeth Brathaug, Norway, co-chair (PDF)