Global Proxies for Tier III Indicators

In its decision 49/101 (para. (d)), the United Nations Statistical Commission requested the Inter-Agency and Expert Group to consider the feasibility of using tentative existing indicators as proxies for immediate use to monitor targets while tier III indicators are being finalized.

The IAEG-SDGs responded to this request by identifying priority targets and goals where proxies were most needed. The group reviewed a compilation of indicators proposals for the targets and identified an initial list of proxies that was shared with members of the Group, and subsequently with custodian agencies, to gauge interest in the proxies and to determine if these proxy proposals had an agreed methodology and available data.

As a result of these consultations, the IAEG-SDGs developed an initial list to monitor targets where proxies are most needed, in particular for Goals 13 and 14. The list of these proxies can be found at:

  • "Global Proxies for Some Tier III Indicators", developed by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) (PDF)