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Advancing the Global Statistical System- Major work areas and accomplishments
29 February 2012
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CensusInfo: Country Experience

29 February 2012
8:30 - 9:30 a
Venue: Conf. Room 7 (TNLB)
United Nations, New York

CensusInfo—a free and interactive software application co-developed by UNSD, UNFPA and UNICEF—is designed to enable countries to disseminate census data on the web or on CD-ROM, allowing a fast and user-defined production of tables, graphs, maps and reports at any geographical level. CensusInfo comes with a standard—but customizable—set of census indicators with accompanying metadata based on the recommended topics of the Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses, Revision 2. The side-event will provide an opportunity for sharing national practice and experience in the adaptation of CensusInfo as a platform for the dissemination of census results.

Organizer: United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Mr. Srdjan Mrkic, Chief, Demographic Statistics Section, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Mr. Jan Beise, Demographic Statistics Section, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Mr. C. Chandramouli, Registrar General and Census Commissioner, Office of the Registrar General, India
  - Mr. S. K. Chakraborti, Deputy Director General, National Population Register, India
- Mr. Dheeraj Jain, Deputy Director, Office of the Registrar General, India
- Mr. Arun Kapuria, DevInfo Support Group
Mr. Charles Machinjili, Commissioner for Census and Statistics, National Statistical Office, Malawi
Mr. José Antonio Mejía, Vice President, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI),
Film screening:
  A short film by UNFPA highlighting the challenges of data collection, analysis and dissemination in five countries - Click here to play video