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28 July 2010

The 41st session of the Statistical Commission was held at United Nations Headquarters, New York from 23 to 26 February 2010. It was held in Conference Room 3 of the Temporary North Lawn Building (TNLB).

  1. Membership of the Statistical Commission 2010
  2. Documents for the Statistical Commission 2010
  3. Orientation session for newcomers
  4. Side events
  5. New York Resource Guide including information on hotels
Commission side event highlights
This seminar on “Emerging Trends in Data Communication and Dissemination" is meant to provide a discussion forum for statistical managers to share experiences on new approaches in the way National Statistical Offices and International Agencies disseminate their data to users and engage actively in communication with them. more..
This Forum is one of the special side events organized by the UN Statistics Division on the occasion of the Statistical Commission, to discuss special challenges confronting the global statistical community. This year's topic will explore how the effectiveness of the national statistical systems can be assessed. more..
This lunchtime seminar, organized by Statistics Norway will provide a forum to discuss measurement issues related to the compilation of property price indices.The recent financial crisis points to the importance of compiling accurate and comparable property price indices across countries. more..
This lunchtime seminar will present the key outcomes from the recent Conference on Modernization of Statistical Production organized by Statistics Sweden as well as the experiences of two statistical offices, those of New Zealand and United Kingdom.. more..
This seminar, organized in partnership with UNFPA, will discuss the specific challenges faced by countries emerging from conflicts in the preparation and the conduct of a Population and Housing Census. Three case studies will be presented: the census 2008 in Liberia, the preparation of the 2010 census in Iraq...more..

The UNSD, in partnership with UNICEF and UNFPA, has developed a free software package, CensusInfo, to help countries disseminate census data on CD-ROM and on the web.  The objective of this Learning Center is to share experiences of countries on using CensusInfo to disseminate the results of population and housing censuses and... more..

This Learning Center is a forum for discussion on specific topics related to environmental-economic accounting and supporting statistics. The seminar will cover presentations on the current discussions on environment statistics in particular with regard to the ecosystem approach to environment statistics and its relationship with the SEEA. more..

This Learning Center will focus on SDMX, the preferred standard for the exchange of statistical data and metadata by several countries and international organizations. The participants will be able to learn about the challenges in the implementation of SDMX...

This seminar is intended to provide countries with additional information on what is new in the draft revised recommendations for international trade statistics as contained in International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions 2010 (IMTS2010) and Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010 (MSITS 2010). more..

The exhibition will focus on statistical developments and achievements in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Statistical publications including books, posters, brochures, and CDs as well as promotional material on statistical activities will be displayed at the exhibition.
Temporary North Lawn Building
23 - 26 February, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm