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The thirty-ninth session of the Statistical Commission was held at United Nations Headquarters, New York from 26 to 29 February 2008. It took place in Conference Room 3 in the United Nations Secretariat Building.

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Statistical Commission Side Events

Conference Room 4
22 February  9:30 am - 1 pm, 2-5:30pm


This seminar will reflect on the development and challenges of social statistics, an opportunity for many chief statisticians to share experiences on developing a programme of work on social statistics. more..

                    Conference Room 3
                   25 February 3-6 pm
  This High Level Forum on Official Statistics features a high level panel who will provide their views on the relevance, integrity and innovation of "official statistics", including how they measure up to the needs and demands of the national and international statistical community. more..

    Conference Room 3
26 February, 2:05-2:55 pm
  The presentation will provide the results of the comparison of the size of national economies using up-to-date estimates of purchasing power parities. It will also highlight the main statistical findings from the latest ICP round. more..

  Conference Room 3
  27 February 1:45-2:45 pm

  This seminar will provide an overview of the register-based statistical system, review of best practices in support of the use of administrative data in statistics. In addition, a briefing on the IAOS Conference on “ Smart Data, Innovative Uses: Re-shaping Official Statistics.” will be provided. more..
  The Seminar will present two recent African countries experience in censuses: Ethiopia and Mozambique. In addition, the session will provide an opportunity for an international discussion and sharing of knowledge on census practices. more..
  The “Dialogue with International Agencies on Statistical Development ” is a regular side event of the UN Statistical Commission intended to foster the dialogue across the statistical community. more..

 26-29 February
1B Neck Exhibition Area
(by the Viennese Cafe)
  The 4-day exhibition will focus on statistical development in Africa. Statistical publications including books, posters, brochures, and CDs as well as promotional material on statistical activities in African countries will be displayed at the exhibition.