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The 40th session of the Statistical Commission was held at United Nations Headquarters, New York from 24 to 27 February 2009. It took place in Conference Room 3 of the United Nations Secretariat Building.

5. Side events  

The informal meeting on Official Statistics and the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis will discuss the implications for official statistics arising from the systemic aspects of the global financial crisis and economic downturn of the world economy. more..
“Innovations in Official Statistics” is part of a series of one-day high level seminars dedicated to topics of great relevance for the global statistical community. This seminar will focus on the following themes: “Innovation in governance”, “Innovation in Data Collection and Management” and “Innovation in Data Dissemination. more..
The Forum, organized by the UN Statistics Division, reflects on how the Statistical Commission has met the challenges it has faced in the past, as well as on how it will meet the challenges that lie ahead, in particular in reference to the impact of new and emerging information needs of the global environment on the global statistical system. more..
The Learning Center on Environmental-Economic Accounting offers a practical introduction to the statistical link between the economy and the environment.This practical introduction will offer a general overview of the basic concepts, accounts and the policy relevance of the link between the economy and the environment. more..
The United Nations Statistics Division, in partnership with UNICEF and UNFPA, has developed a software package, CensusInfo to help countries disseminate census data on CD-ROM and on the web. CensusInfo will be officially launched at the 40th Statistical Commission in February 2009 and widely disseminated. more..
The seminar, organized by the United Nations Statistics Division and Statistics Norway as the convener of the Oslo Group on Energy Statistics, will discuss the need for international recommendations for energy statistics, present challenges in developing these recommendations, emphasize the importance of making energy statistics an integral part of official statistics. more..
This seminar, organized by the European Commission, Eurostat, will provide an overview of the recent developments and challenges ahead in environment statistics. Special presentation will be provided on Geospatial statistics and its use in environmental statistics by the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografica e Estatistica (IBGE) and recent developments in environmental accounts by Statistics Netherlands, (CBS). more..
This seminar will provide perspectives on Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI). supports ready global access to geographic information; it is built on national SDIs operated by member states and other constituent information-sharing communities. more..
The seminar on “Innovations in Population Census Data Collection and Archiving” reflects on the challenges and advantages of using new technologies in data collection and archiving. It will be organized in two sessions and chaired by Rogelio Fernández Castilla, Executive Coordinator on Censuses in UNFPA. more..

The “Dialogue on Statistical Development with International Agenciesis a regular side event of the UN Statistical Commission intended to foster the dialogue across the statistical community on issues related to capacity building, and to increase the understanding of the impact of statistical development initiatives and programmes. more..