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International Workshop on Tourism Statistics

Madrid , 17-20 July 2006

    The joint UNSD/UNWTO workshop on tourism statistics is seen as a major event in the context of a worldwide consultation on revision of Recommendations on Tourism Statistics approved by the 27th session of the United Nations Statistical Commission in 1993 and issued jointly by the UN and the UNWTO in 1994. The revised Recommendations will be submitted to the 39th session of the Commission (March 2008) for approval. Representatives from national tourism organizations, national statistical offices and international/regional organizations are invited to participate and are asked to provide their assessment of the relevance of the 1993 Recommendations, indicate areas where revision is needed and to make concrete proposals regarding revision of specific recommendations.

    The main tasks of the workshop included: (i) to review current country practices in compilation of the basic variables of tourism statistics and their relevance to current user needs; (ii) to review the existing 1993 Recommendations in the context the amendments incorporated in Tourism Satellite Account: Recommended Methodological Framework to ensure that the improved basic tourism statistics better serve the needs of economic policy makers in governments, of industry managers, of the business community and, at the same time, provide a solid foundation for the national accounts in general and for the compilation of the Tourism Satellite Account; (iii) to create a network of tourism statisticians working in different institutional environments in order to foster the exchange of country experiences and the formulation of good practices in the compilation of such statistics; and (iv) to advise on institutional arrangements between different national agencies active in tourism statistics.

Link to World Tourism Organization

Opening Statement by Paul Cheung
Director of the United Nations Statistics Division

Country Notes and Presentations

Organization of the workshop and expected outcomes
UNSD statement
Tourism statistics in a changing world: users’ perspective
Overview of the main features of 1993 Recommendations on Tourism Statistics:
UNSD statement
UNWTO presentation
Philippine presentation
A summary of country responses to the UNWTO/ UNSD questionnaire
on country practices in the compilation of tourism statistics
Country Responses
Concepts and forms of tourism:
UNWTO presentation
Philippine presentation
Basic tourism units and concepts:
UNWTO presentation
Turkey presentation
United States presentation
UNWTO presentation
Canada presentation
Characterization of trips and related statistics – concepts, definitions and classifications:
UNWTO presentation
Lesotho presentation
New Zealand presentation
United Kingdom presentation
United Kingdom presentation
Statistics on tourism supply:
UNWTO presentation
India presentation
Mexico presentation
Russian Federation presentation
South Africa presentation
Sri Lanka presentation
Statistics on visitor expenditure – concepts and definitions:
UNWTO presentation
Canada presentation
Argentina presentation
Austria presentation
Canada presentation
Jamaica presentation
Jamaica Cruiseship Questionnaire presentation
Jamaica Stopover Expenditure Questionnaire presentation
Thailand presentation
Analytical applications of tourism statistics - Tourism Satellite Accounts:
Brazil presentation
Czech Republic presentation
Spain presentation
Issues of measurement of environmental and social sustainability of tourism:

UNWTO presentation
UNSD statement

Designing a strategic alliance between NTA and NSO in compilation of tourism
statistics and its analytical applications:
Argentina presentation
Ireland presentation
Singapore presentation
Towards the revised 1993 Recommendations

The Workshop Report

Mr. Vladimir Markhonko,
Statistics Division
Tel:    +1 212/963-5252