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1. Population estimates, mid-year (data selection) (PDF)
2. Crude birth rates (data selection) (PDF)
3. Crude death rates (data selection) (PDF)

Price indices

6. (4 in print edition) Consumer price indices (data selection) (PDF)
7. (5 in print edition) Producer price indices (data selection) (PDF)
8. (6 in print edition) Retail price indices relating to living expenditures of United Nations officials (data selection) (PDF)


29. (7 in print edition) International maritime transport: freight loaded and unloaded (data selection) (PDF)
30. (8 in print edition) Registration of new motor vehicles (data selection) (PDF)
31. (9 in print edition) Civil aviation traffic: passenger-km and cargo net ton-km (data selection) (PDF)

International merchandise trade

New!!! Trade statistics data is also available for download from the UN Trade Statistics website.
40. (10 in print edition) World exports by provenance and destination (PDF)
41. (11 in print edition) Exports by commodity classes and by regions: developed economies (PDF)
42. (12 in print edition) World exports by commodity classes and by regions (PDF)
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