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Expert Group Meeting on the revision of the International Classification of Activities for Time Use Statistics (ICATUS)

United Nations Headquarters, New York, United States, 28-30 June 2016

  ESA/STAT/AC.321/L1 Work Programme
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/L2 List of Participants
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/L3 Report of the Meeting
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/L4 New York Resource Guide
Session 1: ICATUS- History and background information
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/201 ICATUS from 1997 to 2016 (UNSD)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/202 Summary of 2016 consultation with experts and key pending issues to be addressed (UNSD)
Session 2: Employment and the production for own final use; and employment in unincorporated enterprises and households
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/203 19th ICLS Resolution on Statistics of Work, employment and labour underutilization Implications for ICATUS (ILO)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/204 ICATUS and the importance of measuring all forms of work including household provision of services for income (WIEGO)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/205 An Introduction on 2008 Time Use Survey in China (China)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/206 Time use in South Africa (South Africa)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/207 The ICATUS (Ghana)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/208 ‘Digital disruption’ and measuring the modern economy (using Time Use Statistics) (United Kingdom)
Session 3: Care work
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/209 Time use data on care work: What is collected by countries; What is needed; & Relevance of ICATUS 2016 (CTUR)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/210 Colombia, care work and the satellite account on the economy of care (Colombia)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/211 HETUS – ICATUS Comparison & A case study: The gender gap in childcare among dual earner couples in Italy and EU (Italy)
Session 4: Volunteering
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/212 19th ICLS Resolution on Statistics of Work, employment and labour underutilization - Volunteer work an d ICATUS (ILO)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/213 Volunteer Activities in the American Time Use Survey (United States)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/214 Time Use Surveys in Canada volunteering data (Canada)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/215 TurkStat Time Use Data on Volunteering (Turkey)
Session 5: Personal activities
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/216 Time Use Data on Personal Activities, Nigerian Experience (Nigeria)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/217 Brazil experience on time use data collection (Brazil)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/218 The experience of Kazakhstan in conducting time use surveys (Kazakhstan)
Session 6: Cross-cutting aspects/activities in ICATUS
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/219 Travel and using ICT as crosscutting aspects and their relevance of 2016 ICATUS (Armenia)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/220 Moroccan Time Use Survey (Morocco)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/221 Tanzania experience in application of trial ICATUS (Tanzania)
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/222 Time use seurvey in Thailand (Thailand)
Session 7: Other critical aspects of ICATUS 2016
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/223 Other critical aspects of ICATUS 2016 (UNSD)
Summary Discussions and Recommendations
  ESA/STAT/AC.321/224 Summary Discussions and Recommendations (UNSD)