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Energy Statistics Yearbook 2004 PDF format

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The Energy Statistics Yearbook 2004 supplies detailed and aggregated information on production, trade and consumption of different fuel types, which could support a wide spectrum of users from within the energy sector as well as policy makers and academia.

The publication, 48th in a series of annual publications, provides internationally comparable series of commercial energy statistics summarizing world level and regional energy trends. Annual data for 215 countries and areas for the period 2001 to 2004 are presented on production, trade and consumption of energy: solids, liquids, gaseous, traditional fuels and electricity in a series of
38 comprehensive tables
In addition, per capita consumption series are also provided for all energy products.
introduce major products showing historic trends and/or changes in composition of production and/or consumption of major products. Special tables of interest include international trade tables for coal, crude petroleum and natural gas by partner countries. It also provides statistics on fuelwood, charcoal and bagasse, installed capacities- refinery distillation and electricity-, as well as selected energy resources and reserves.

The 2004 Energy Statistics Yearbook includes the following tables:

Energy Statistics Yearbook 2004 - Tables
*have a look at table samples by clicking at the underlined table titles below
Commercial Energy - Tables 1-4

Production, trade and consumption of commercial energy in :


Click on the graph to see larger view


Solid Fuels - Tables 5-13
Production, trade and consumption of
  • solid fuels in coal equivalent
  • hard coal
  • hard coal briquettes
  • coke
  • lignite
  • peat
  • briquettes of lignite and peat


  • International trade of hard coal
  • Fuelwood, charcoal and bagasse
*all data in this section reported in thousand metric tons
unless otherwise stated

Liquid Fuels* - Tables 14-27

Production, trade and consumption of:

  • liquefied petroleum gas
  • aviation gasolene
  • motor gasolene
  • kerosene
  • jet fuels
  • gas-diesel oils
  • residual fuel oil
  • energy petroleum products

  • Production of energy and non-energy products from refineries
  • International trade of crude petroleum
  • Refinery distillation capacity,
    throughput and output
  • Capacity and production of
    natural gas liquid plants - by type

*all data in this section reported in thousand metric tons

Click on the graph to see larger view

Gaseous Fuels* - Tables 28-31

Production, trade and
consumption of:

  • Natural gas


  • Other gases:LPG, refinery gas,
    gaswork gas, coke-oven gas
    and blast furnace gas


  • International trade of natural gas
*all data in this section reported in Terajoules
Electricity and Heat - Tables 32-36

Click on the graph to see larger view

Nuclear Fuels - Table 37
  • Production of uranium
Selected Energy Resources and Reserves - Table 38
  • Bituminous Coal/Anthracite
  • Sub-bituminous Coal/Lignite
  • Peat
  • Natural Gas
  • Crude Oil and NGL
  • Oil Shale
  • Uranium


United Nations Statistics Division - Energy Statistics