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Oslo Group

The Oslo Group is a city group created by the UN Statistical Commission to address methodological issues related to energy statistics and contribute to improved international standards and improved methods for official energy statistics.  It was established as a follow-up to the programme review of energy statistics during the 36th Session of the UN Statistical Commission (1-4 March 2005) and the recommendations of the Ad-hoc Expert Group on Energy Statistics ( New York , 23-25 May 2005)

The terms of reference of the Oslo Group include the following:

(a) Identify users’ needs;

(b) Define the scope of official energy statistics;

(c) Identify and collect national and international best practices;

(d) Review and contribute to the updating of the United Nations handbooks and manuals on energy statistics;

(e) Identify gaps in the coverage of existing methodologies and develop methodologies to cover gaps;

(f) Adopt links or develop bridges to international standard concepts and classifications in economic/environmental statistics to facilitate the integration and interface of energy statistics with other statistical systems;

(g) Recommend a core set of tables as minimum requirements at the national and international level to satisfy the major users’ needs.

Members of the Oslo Group include energy statisticians from national statistical offices, energy ministries/authorities and international organizations engaged in energy statistics as well as experts from academia and the private sector on an ad hoc basis as advisers.  Statistics Norway served as the Secretariat of the Oslo Group until March 2013 when the Secretariat passed to Statistics Canada.

The Oslo Group meets on an annual basis to review and address methodological issues related to energy statistics as well as share country practices.  The Oslo Group reports regularly to the UN Statistical Commission. 

For more information on the Oslo Group, please visit: