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UNSD publications consist of international methodological guidance, notably through the International Recommendations for
Energy Statistics (IRES) and the Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM), and annual data periodicals.

International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (IRES)

The International Recommendations for Energy Statistics provide data compilers with a complete set of recommendations covering all aspects of the statistical production process framework, from basic concepts, definitions and classifications to data sources, data compilation strategies, energy balances, data quality and statistical dissemination.

Energy Statistics Compilers Manual

The Energy Statistics Compilers Manual will contain further and more detailed explanations of the recommendations and provide practical guidance for compilers of energy statistics, energy balances and energy accounts by describing country practices.

Concepts and Methods in Energy Statistics, with Special Reference to Energy Accounts and Balances - A Technical Report
Energy Statistics:
Definitions, Units of Measure
and Conversion Factors
Energy Statistics:
A Manual for Developing Countries
2015 Energy Statistics Yearbook
The 2015 Energy Statistics Yearbook is the fifty-ninth issue in a series of annual compilations of internationally comparable statistics summarizing world energy trends. Annual data for 228 countries and areas for the period 2012 to 2015 are presented on production, trade and consumption of energy: solids, liquids, gaseous fuels, electricity and heat, covering both renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. In addition, per capita consumption series are also provided for all energy products. Graphs are included to illustrate historic trends and/or changes in composition of production and/or consumption of major energy products.
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2015 Energy Balances   2015 Electricity Profiles
The 2015 Energy Balances contains energy balances for 216 countries and territories, showing production, trade, transformation and consumption (by sector) in energy units for all energy products.   The 2015 Electricity Profiles contains electricity profiles for 227 countries and territories, providing detailed information on production, trade and consumption of electricity, net installed capacity and thermal power plant input and efficiency for most countries.
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