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June 2012

Energy Statistics Yearbook

The 2009 Energy Statistics Yearbook is the fifty-third issue in a series of annual compilations of internationally comparable statistics summarizing world energy trends. which commenced under the title World Energy Supplies in Selected Years, 1929-1950. Annual data for 226 countries and areas for the period 2006 to 2009 are presented on production, trade and consumption of energy for solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels, electricity, and heat. Per capita consumption series are also provided for all energy products. Graphs are included to illustrate historic trends and/or changes in composition of production and/or consumption of major energy products. Special tables of interest include: international trade tables for coal, crude petroleum and natural gas by partner countries; selected series of statistics on renewables and wastes; refinery distillation capacity; and a table on selected energy resources.

The Energy Statistics Yearbook is bi-lingual (English and French) and is available in printed and electronic (PDF format) versions.



2009 Energy Statistics YearbookPDF size

Table of contents 32KB
Introduction 23KB
Country nomenclature 15KB
Abbreviations and symbols 12KB
Definitions 71KB
Units of measurement and conversions 15KB
General notes 10KB
Conversion factors
I.Coal equivalent coefficients 30KB
II.Specific gravities of crude petroleum 11KB
III.Specific gravities of petroleum products 7KB
IV.Selected conversion factors for crude petroleum and petroleum products 10KB
V.Heat values of gases 19KB
Commercial energy
1.Production, trade and consumption - Coal equivalent 485KB
2.Production, trade and consumption - Oil equivalent 495KB
3.Production, trade and consumption - Terajoules 473KB
4.Total energy requirement - Terajoules 378KB
Solid fuels
5.Production, trade and consumption of solid fuels - coal equivalent 314KB
6.Production, trade and consumption of hard coal 326KB
7.International trade of hard coal (principal importers and exporters); 2008 and 2009 57KB
8.Production, trade and consumption of brown coal/lignite 317KB
9.Production, trade and consumption of coke 318KB
10.Production, trade and consumption of hard coal briquettes 279KB
11.Production, trade and consumption of briquettes of lignite and peat 285KB
12.Production, trade and consumption of peat 298KB
13.Selected series of statistics on renewables and wastes 477KB
Liquid fuels
14.Production, trade and consumption of crude petroleum 348KB
15.International trade of crude petroleum (principal
importers and exporters); 2008 and 2009
16.Refinery distillation capacity, throughput and output 337KB
17.Production, trade and consumption of liquefied petroleum gas 358KB
18.Production, trade and consumption of aviation gasolene 317KB
19.Production, trade and consumption of motor gasolene 372KB
20.Production, trade and consumption of kerosene 350KB
21.Production, trade and consumption of jet fuels 359KB
22.Production, trade and consumption of gas-diesel oils 376KB
23.Production, trade and consumption of residual fuel oil 362KB
24.Production, trade and consumption of energy petroleum products 379KB
25.Production of non-energy products from refineries - by type 331KB
26.Production of energy products from refineries - by type 342KB
27.Capacity and production of natural gas liquid plants - by type 290KB
Gaseous fuels
28.Production, trade and consumption of natural gas 335KB
29.International trade of natural gas (principal importers and exporters); 2008 and 2009 56KB
30.Production of other gases - by type 126KB
31.Production, trade and consumption of gases 370KB
Electricity and heat
32.Net installed capacity of electric generating plants - by type 258KB
33.Utilization of installed electric generating capacity - by type 474KB
34.Production of electricity - by type 488KB
35.Production, trade and consumption of electricity 359KB
36.Production of heat - by type 348KB
Nuclear fuels
37.Production of uranium (uranium content) 272KB
Energy resources
38.Selected energy resources and reserves 74KB