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February 2017

Country Practice Examples

As part of the preparation of the Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM), a country practice template was developed by the Oslo Group in cooperation with UNSD. The use of a common format facilitated the review and comparisons of country practices and has fed into the ESCM. As the ESCM is foreseen to be periodically reviewed and updated, national institutions responsible for energy statistics are encouraged to keep using this template to share their practices in the collection, compilation and dissemination of energy statistics. This way, future revisions of the ESCM will reflect new methodological developments and keep data compilers abreast of new country practices.

The Country Practice Template is available here. It provides a common format for countries to report and share their practices in the collection, compilation and dissemination of energy statistics. The filled template can be submitted to UNSD at .

Responses by Topic

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 Chile Electricity index
 Czech Republic Annual electricity statistics
 Czech Republic Electricity production
 Hungary Electricity production
 Ireland Electricity supply
 Italy Annual electricity statistics
 Japan Electricity production
 Malaysia Electricity supply
 Rwanda Electricity generation
 Rwanda Electricity use
 Slovakia Electricity generation

Energy Balances
 Austria Energy Balance
 Azerbaijan Energy Balance
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Energy Balance
 Brazil Energy Balance
 China Energy Balance
 China, Hong Kong SAR Energy Balance
 Colombia Energy Balance
 Egypt Energy Balance
 Israel Energy Balance
 Italy Energy Balance
 Latvia Energy Balance
 Lithuania Energy Balance
 Luxembourg Energy Balance
 Malaysia Energy Balance
 Mauritius Energy Balance
 Paraguay Energy Balance
 Peru Energy Balance
 Poland Energy Balance
 Republic of Moldova Energy Balance
 Serbia Energy Balance
 State of Palestine Energy Balance
 Switzerland Energy Balance

End Use / Consumption
 Australia Energy consumption
 Austria Electricity and natural gas consumption
 Austria Energy consumption of households
 Austria Energy consumption in industry
 Austria Energy consumption in the service sector
 Canada Energy consumption in industry
 Czech Republic Energy consumption and fuel by year
 Czech Republic Energy consumption by year
 Czech Republic Quarterly energy consumption
 Finland Energy use in manufacturing
 Iran Energy consumption
 Ireland Electricity consumption
 Italy Consumption, export, and import of coal
 Italy Consumption, export, and import of oil
 Italy Energy consumption by sector
 Italy Energy consumption in business
 Italy Energy consumption in households
 Japan Energy consumption by month
 Japan Energy consumption by year
 New Zealand Energy end use
 Norway Energy use in manufacturing
 Ukraine Energy consumption

 Argentina Annual energy statistics
 Austria Energy analysis in industry
 Austria Input and output of biomass heating
 Belarus Annual energy statistics
 China, Hong Kong SAR Energy resources
 China, Macao SAR Annual energy statistics
 Colombia Energy resources
 Cyprus Annual energy statistics
 Czech Republic Coal production
 Czech Republic Fuel sources
 Czech Republic Fuel transformation
 Czech Republic Liquid biofuels
 Czech Republic Oil statistics for consumers
 Czech Republic Oil statistics for oil industry
 Czech Republic Petrol stations
 Czech Republic Renewable energy sources
 Ireland Combined heat and power
 Ireland Natural gas
 Ireland Solar
 Ireland Solid fuel
 Italy Production of petrochemicals
 Italy Production of oil
 Italy Renewable energy sources
 Italy Urban energy statistics
 Italy Weekly oil prices
 Japan Monthly energy production
 Japan Petroleum products supply and demand
 Japan Production of gas
 Mexico Annual energy statistics
 Montenegro Annual energy statistics
 New Zealand Annual energy statistics
 Norway Petroleum products
 Peru Annual energy statistics
 Portugal Annual energy statistics
 Romania Annual energy statistics
 Russian Federation Coal statistics
 Rwanda Energy resources
 Slovakia Energy resources
 Slovenia Annual energy statistics
 South Sudan Annual energy statistics
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