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February 2006

Results of the UNSD Survey of Country Practices
on Economic Census

     UNSD carried out a survey in 2006 to identify countries’ general policies with regard to the economic census and other approaches to compilation of basic economic statistics. A total of 114 countries responded to the questionnaire, which formed the basis of the background note presented to the Statistical Commission at its thirty-eighth session in February 2007.  

Click the country name to view the response of that country to the questionnaire.

Africa Americas Asia Europe Oceania
Burkina Faso Antigua and Barbuda Armenia Albania Australia
Cameroon Argentina Azerbaijan Andorra Fiji
Democratic Republic of Congo Bermuda Brunei Darussalam Austria French Polynesia
Djibouti Brazil China Belarus Marshall Islands
Ethiopia Cyprus Bosnia and Herzegovina New Caledonia
Ghana Chile Georgia Bulgaria New Zealand
Madagascar Costa Rica Hong Kong (SAR of China) Croatia Northern Mariana Islands
Mali Cuba India Czech Republic Papua New Guinea
Mauritius Ecuador Iran Denmark Tonga
Morocco El Salvador Israel Estonia Vanuatu
Niger Jamaica Japan Finland  
Seychelles Mexico Jordan France  
South Africa Netherlands Antilles Kazakhstan Germany  
Tunisia Paraguay Kyrgyzstan Greece  
Uganda Peru Malaysia Hungary  
Zambia Sent Vincent and Grenadines Maldives Iceland  
Zimbabwe Suriname Mongolia Ireland  
  Trinidad and Tobago Nepal Italy  
  United States of America Philippines Latvia  
  Uruguay Qatar Liechtenstein  
    Republic of Korea Lithuania  
    Saudi Arabia Luxembourg  
    Singapore Malta  
    Tajikistan Netherlands  
    Thailand Norway  
    Timor Leste Poland  
    Turkey Portugal  
    Uzbekistan Republic of Moldova  
      Russian Federation  
      The FYR of Macedonia  
      United Kingdom  

For further information contact:

Mr. Vladimir Markhonko
Chief of Trade Statistics Branch
United Nations Statistics Division
Tel:    +1 212/963-5252