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Conference on Climate Change, Development and Official Statistics in the Asia-Pacific Region
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           Conference on Climate Change
         and Official Statistics

       Oslo, Norway
       14 – 16 April 2008

The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), in collaboration with the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat), the World Bank and Statistics Norway, convened an international conference on climate change and official statistics.

Climate change is high on the political agenda at all levels. The global official statistics community presently engages the issues of climate change in an ad hoc manner. Some national statistical offices are heavily engaged and provide all official estimates required in the monitoring efforts. Some engage only in analytical efforts, principally to investigate the effects of mitigation protocols on national economy or the impact of climate change in planning scenarios. Many others have no activities at all related to this topic. There is a need to discuss how official statistics can contribute to the measurement and monitoring of the different aspects of climate change and to bring together all current activities into a coherent framework. This conference is therefore designed as a forum for the exploration of ideas and to establish an agenda for future work.

The output of the conference will be an agenda for action by the global official statistics community. The agenda will be submitted to the 40th session of the UN Statistical Commission for discussion and endorsement in 2009.

Invitation Letter  (1 February 2008)
Information Note
 ( 11 January 2008)

Paul Cheung, Director of the United Nations Statistics Division

Report of the Conference
Opening Statement by Paul Cheung, Director of the UN Statistics Division
Opening Remarks by Erik Swanson, The World Bank

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