Conference on Climate Change and Official Statistics
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Conference on Climate Change, Development and Official Statistics in the Asia-Pacific Region
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Conference on Climate Change
and Official Statistics

Oslo, Norway
14 – 16 April 2008

Conference Papers


 European Environment Agency

Professor Jacqueline McGlade Why we need better statistics for climate change policies

 Climate Change Policy Environment, Special advisor,Canada

Alex Manson Setting the Scope: Understanding the demand for statistics created by the scientific and policy framework of climate change and the role of Official Statistics in satisfying this demand
 Division of Early Warning and Assessment, United Nations Environment ProgrammeUNEP/DEWA Jaap van Woerden

Data needs for addressing Climate Change  – UNEP’s perspective


 Environmental Sciences Division,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

RJ Andres, TA Boden, G. Marland

The Use of UN-Supplied Fuel Production and Trade Statistics for the Estimation of Global and National Fossil-Fuel-Derived Carbon Dioxide Emissions

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis G. Marland
Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) K.E. Laykam On the problems of statistical data provision for greenhouse gas emissions calculations

Statistics Netherlands

Rutger Hoekstra, Sjoerd Schenau, Cor Graveland and Peter van de Ven The analytical usefulness of a system of environmental accounts
CREAS (Regional Climate Change Scenarios for South America) Jose A. Marengo Regional Climate Change Scenarios for South America-The CREAS project
Statistics Norway, Research Department


Britta Bye Macroeconomic modeling for energy and environmental analyses: Integrated economy-energy-environment models as efficient tools
Statistics Canada
Environment Accounts and Statistics Division
Michael Bordt and Robert Smith

Measuring the Impacts of Climate Change: Are Central Statistical Offices Prepared to Track the Impacts of Climate Change?

Centre of Environment and Energy Statistics Australian Bureau of Statistics

David Bain

Climate Change and Water: How water accounts can help our understanding

Hungarian Central Statistical Office – Tibor FARAGO (Hungarian Ministry of Environment and Water) Eva Laczka

Climate Change Policy and Need for Adequate Statistical Information with Special Regard to Agriculture

Social Statistics Division, Central Statistical Organisation, Ministry of Statistics & PI, Government of India

Sourav Chakrabortty The Role of Official Statistics in Measurement of the Impacts of Climate Change: Indian Experience
Philippines, National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) Romulo A. Virola, Glenita V. Amoranto and Edward P. Lopez-Dee Gearing a National Statistical System Towards the Measurement of the Impact of Climate Change: The Case of the Philippines
Population, Labour, Industry and Environment Statistics,
Australian Bureau of Statistics

Peter Harper

Statistical office support for emission trading schemes: Developments in Australia

Statistics Denmark Thomas Olsen Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounts for Tradeable Carbon Dioxide Emission Permits


UN Statistics Division (UNSD)

Dennis Trewin How might Official Statistics assist with the Fifth Assessment Round of the IPCC?