South Africa

In 2016, Statistics South Africa piloted the EDGE stand-alone survey. In all sampled households, one randomly selected adult household member was interviewed about the principal dwelling, agricultural land, livestock, large and small agricultural equipment, non-agricultural enterprises, real estate, consumer durables, financial assets, and liabilities owned only by the respondent, whether exclusively or jointly with someone else. In half of the sampled households, the randomly selected respondent's spouse/partner, if applicable, was also interviewed separately and to the extent possible, simultaneously. In addition, in all households, all members 15 years of age or older owning a non-agricultural enterprise were administered the EDGE entrepreneurship module.

The pilot sample consists of 224 Primary Sampling Units (PSUs) spread across KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province based on Statistics South Africa's 2011 Master Sample Frame. The total sample size was 1,946 dwelling units.